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Lock installation for your home

Whether you move to a newly acquired house or simply decide to opt for a more modern version. Maybe you find yourself facing the burden of choice. Should you buy a classic lever handle lock for the outside door and maintain a traditional atmosphere? Or you could simply choose the futuristic knob lock to match your need for change? How about the risks: is there a safer version for you outside door than the classical types? And if so, how should you properly install it without damaging all its components.

Newer technologies come with a lot of advantages: the latest lock generations have a more ergonomic design. Also, they come in different sizes and shapes, and are made from various types of materials to suit your needs. All of these sophisticated specifications come with requirements too. Furthermore, the key requirement remains the security of your home. Locks need to be durable and correctly installed to ensure protection.

Professional door lock installation

Our team of experts has vast experience in handling any type of lock installation services for all types of door. We operate using the best tools and we only use Canadian approved locks. If you want to make sure you won’t damage your door and lock, call us and we will arrive at your house in less than 30 minutes.

By using professional tools, adapted to even the most demanding door requirements, we make sure your newly acquired house is protected from burglars. In order to enjoy your time spent home you have to feel safe. By having a lock correctly installed, you can decrease the chances of your house being broken into. Using their certified experience, our locksmiths will also make sure to do the least amount of damage when performing installation maneuvers such as drilling, dry-fitting the bolt into the hole and mortising the area around the face plate.

Install new locks to the office

Moving to a new office means a lot of work, but you must not forget to install new locks to all the doors. Moving an entire business requires a lot of security, and we have the best solutions. We understand how distressing it is to take care of all the issues related to the process of changing the locks or even replacing the entire door. This is why we can offer you the best assistance when installing a new lock.

Our highly-trained specialists will carefully install the new lock. It  is important to assure a proper installation in order to prevent future problems such as: unwanted break-ins, incomplete locking, or gradual lock damage. One should avoid trying to force or brutalize a lock in order to install it. For example, if the hole resulted in the drilling process is too deep, the lock will not be stable and this can cause problems to the locking system. Our professional team will help you prevent such problems and will provide you with highly-specializes assistance in order to successfully have new locks installed to your office.

New lock installation cost for office doors.

Common sense dictates us to simply attempt to match the lock to the space available inside the door. However, without carefully fitting it into the edge of the door, one could risk deteriorating the door and the lock’s components. And what could be more stressful than an unsecured office. We know how important it is to fulfill your professional duties so we make sure to offer you the most suitable solution to properly install a lock to the office. Our commercial locksmiths will install top quality deadbolts for all the doors and lockers in your new office at affordable prices.

Install best locks on the market
Our professional locksmiths provide reliable and proficient services at affordable prices. We offer a wide range of solutions that include fast and personalized lock-out services such as: lock installation and fitting and door lock repair. Moreover, our locks are made from highly-resistant materials, best suited for any type of door, whether made from stainless steel, wood, glass or aluminium. Modern offices include various door designs that require matching locks.

Our highly qualitative locks are designed to meet the current security and durability standards on the market. What makes our locks highly qualitative is their adaptable design and enduring material. We take into consideration both the need for pragmatics, and the need for aesthetics. Modern offices include practical door components such as ergonomic designs, attractive-looking materials and minimalist door locks.

Deadbolt lock installation for home and office doors

In order to maintain your office’s line, we make sure we offer you a wide variety of locks, along with their high-quality basic functions. Our services are based on advanced technologies and qualitative materials and professional deadbolt systems. Our technicians are fully qualified locksmiths and provide modern and practical door lock systems. Suited to your door’s design, comes a wide range of door locks, from Morise locks to classical Yale versions.

Offering an attractive lock design is more than a mere trifle. A proper lock that matches the office’s design contributes to maintaining a constant atmosphere. Nonetheless, we make no exception when it comes to ensuring the quality of materials used. We only work with high-class materials, including professional deadbolt systems.

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